Cold Appetizers


*Chicken Paté/Mandarin

(Grilled Rye Bread)

*Burrata with Strawberry Relish

(Jalapeno Jelly, Pistachio,  Yuzu-Orange Marinated Charred Cherry Tomatoes & Pesto)

*Fillet Mignon Mini Bites

(Focaccia, Paprika Fillet Mignon, Chipotle Aioli, Marinated Cocktail Onion)

*Braised Beet Root Salad

(Red Wine Braised Red & Golden Bets, Goat Cheese, Pistachio Crust)

Sushi Bar Appetizers

*Crispy Rice

(Pan Seared Rice Cake With Spicy Salmon & Spicy Tuna With Sesame Sauce)


(Eel, Torched Salmon, Crunch & Shallot-Honey Sauce)


(Black Pepper Seared Tuna, Jalapeno & Tataki Sauce)

*Tate Roll

(Spicy Salmon & Cream Cheese Inside, Crabmeat, Crunch & Spicy Mayo On Top)

*Johnny  Roll

(Crabmeat, Eel, Avocado Inside, Lobster Salad on Top)

Hot Appetizers

*Pan Fried Potatoes With Mushrooms

(Crimini, Shiitake, Oyster & Portobello Mushrooms)

*Mushroom Ravioli

(Mushroom Duxelle Sauce)

*Chicken Pot Pie

(Herbed Creamy Chicken, Brioche Bun)

*Veal Liver Tapas

(Capers, Caramelized Onion)

Main Course

*Pan Seared Perch & Grilled Tiger Shrimp

Butter-Lemon Sauce

*Prime Hanger Steak

*Tikka Chicken Skewers


*Dessert Petit Fours  Board

(French Petit Fours, Berries, Grapes)


* 20 % Gratuity will be added with all prefix Banquet Menu.

**All items on the menu are subject to change due to season and market availability